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  • Leachcim N. AvatarLeachcim N.

    It’s definitely WYSWYG!! Extremely satisfied with my Corals I have purchased through Gator Corals!! All my Corals were packaged extremely well. You can buy with confidence! I will definitely return to this honey hole again!! - 12/12/2017 

    Keli B. AvatarKeli B.

    Always great communication. Great quality and is same as pictured. My go to place to get what I can't find at my lfs. - 2/27/2019 

    George W. AvatarGeorge W.

    Zoas on fleek! Great collection and high quality! Gator Corals is a certified Reef League member. - 2/20/2018 

  • Kyle N. AvatarKyle N.

    Incredible customer service and excellent communication! Frags arrived larger than I had expected. All were healed, well encrusted, and EXACTLY as pictured (an uncommon occurrence for most online coral purchases). Also received was an awesome freebie! Very satisfied and will be ordering again in the very near future. - 9/21/2017 

    Nick S. AvatarNick S.

    Cleanest frags I have bought from anyone. Great service. Definitely will be back for more. - 7/13/2018 

    James B. AvatarJames B.

    Always a pleasure doing business with Jeremy bought from him several times corals always show up professionally packed and exactly as pictured will definitely be buying form him again - 11/16/2017 

  • Jason H. AvatarJason H.

    I gotta give a shout out to Jeremy. Ordered a couple of awesome pieces for great prices. Shipped out and arrived on time. Great packaging and communication. Everything arrived looking great. Will definitely be back to buy more. Thanks again brother. - 6/06/2017 

    Corey L. AvatarCorey L.

    Great corals, arrived warm and boxed well. Will buy from again - 1/22/2019 

    Anthony F. AvatarAnthony F.

    Awesome customer service very well packed even sent freebies everything opened up in less than a hour after putting in my tank !!! I will purchase again and again and again !!! This is the way every business should be - 8/17/2017