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  • Kyle N. AvatarKyle N.

    Incredible customer service and excellent communication! Frags arrived larger than I had expected. All were healed, well encrusted, and EXACTLY as pictured (an uncommon occurrence for most online coral purchases). Also received was an awesome freebie! Very satisfied and will be ordering again in the very near future. - 9/21/2017 

    Luis P. AvatarLuis P.

    I couldn't be more happier doing business with Gator Coral. Everything I ordered arrived perfect and in no time acclimated and corals were nice and open. Gator Coral deffinantly has a loyal customer here, don't hesitate and purchase with confidence. They do everything to make sure you are happy with you purchase. - 2/21/2018 

    J.M. F. AvatarJ.M. F.

    Thanks Jeremy for the great corals. Very pleasant to work with and willing to help in every way. Great packaging and fast delivery. Big selection at great prices. Thanks gator corals - 6/30/2017 

  • Leachcim N. AvatarLeachcim N.

    It’s definitely WYSWYG!! Extremely satisfied with my Corals I have purchased through Gator Corals!! All my Corals were packaged extremely well. You can buy with confidence! I will definitely return to this honey hole again!! - 12/12/2017 

    Nick S. AvatarNick S.

    Cleanest frags I have bought from anyone. Great service. Definitely will be back for more. - 7/13/2018 

    Daren B. AvatarDaren B.

    Great pieces with a great price. Shipped fast and packed with care. Came in healthy and looked great! I will definitely be back for more. Thank you! - 9/13/2017 

  • Phil R. AvatarPhil R.

    Shipment arrived today via Fedex. Opened the box to find some incredible packaging! Professional all the way, even down to wrapping the rubber band correctly, si it can be easily removed! Frag in the cup, iiib the bag, in two other bags on top of that. Fantastic! - 2/07/2019 

    Remy M. AvatarRemy M.

    Received some great new coral pieces from Jeremy Gulash last week and everything is looking really nice in the tank. Has provided some helpful advice to keeping some of the more difficult to keep corals. - 11/19/2018 

    Justin B. AvatarJustin B.

    Great corals even better prices - 6/04/2018